New Releases Top DJ Remixes Songs 2015 List

by admin on January 15, 2016

Dj Remixes Songs 2015

Want to Listen latest new best DJ Remix songs of 2015 MP3 Now-a-days each and every person is showing enormous interest on top remixes songs. All the age groups people were equally enjoying the DJ these days. Creating new DJ remixes needs creativity as this task is very challenging. In order to make a new DJ remix one needs to understand the musical notations and recording programs thoroughly.  In general a remix is created by combining another artist’s music with your music. A number of new DJ remixes were rocking right now, and further some more new best DJ remixes in the year 2015 would make all the people more and more enjoying.

top best DJ remixes 2015

In case you want to make your own New top DJ Remixes songs can follow this steps:

  • You could listen to the song which you are interested in to remix. While listening, you need to pay proper attention to the melody, structure, dynamics and tempo of the song. Just note down the catchy melodic passages. You could jot down your techniques and ideas on a paper in order to avoid confusion.
  • Open the audio recording program and create three new mono-tracks. You need to find out the stem vocal track. Now drag that primary source file into one of the mono tracks which you have created earlier.
  • Now you need to add the sequencer to the 2nd mono track, and create music beat for it. You could create beats by using drum note counts like 1, 2, and 3 so on.
  • You need to add the synthesizer to the 2nd mono track, and now set the new settings un-mute the vocal track of the other artists in the primary source.
  • Add extra effects by using other musical instruments, and importing the stems from the primary source material. Now your own remix is ready. Try it and have more fun and enjoyment.

List Of New Top DJ Remixes 2015

The new best DJ remixes gives a kick to the youth especially. It makes even the dullest persons to turn out into an active mood. Below is the list of top new DJ Remixes 2015 which are waiting for release in the first half of the year 2015.

01-No Good (Extended Mix) — Fedde Le Grand and Sultan + Ned Shepard
02-Dirty Ducks (Original Mix) — Dirty Ducks
03-Turn Up The Bass (Club Mix) — Dirty Rush & Gregor Es
04-Countdown (Original Mix) — Hardwell & MAKJ
05-Beatbouncer (Original Mix) — Gingaz
06-Yee (Original Mix) — Deorro
07-Rules of House (Original Mix) — DJ Abercrombie & Atilla Cetin
08-Suckfest9001 — Deadmau5
09-Jumanji — Taco Cat, J-Trick, Feral Is Kinky
10-Bang Go! — Jean Paul
11-Love Comes Again (Exodus & Hugo Rizzo Remix [feat. BT]) — Tiesto
12-Animals (Original Mix) — Martin Garrix
13-Sniper — Nick Coulson
14-Bring the Bass Back (Extended Mix) — Tremolos, Nicci
15-Man With The Red Face (Hardwell Remix) — Mark Knight & Funkagenda
16-Thrift Shop (Matte Botteghi Radio Edit) — RO.BOT.
17-Fuck Tomorrow (Original) — Tonite Only
18-Esther 2k13 (Maurizio Inzaghi Remix) — Afrojack
19-Let’s Rock (Original Mix) — Switch Craft
20-Adagio for Strings (Blasterjaxx Remix) — Tiesto
21-Blame It On The Drop (Original Mix) — Creepers Gonna Creep
22-Apologize (Bodybangers Remix) — FROIDZ
23-Music Is the Answer (Original Mix) — NRD1, Luca G
24-Breakdown (Andrea Tufo & Ivan Kay Original Mix) — Buzz Cut
25-Tsunami — DVBBS, Borges

We will continue updating the list in the coming time to keep you updated about the latest happenings in the world of DJ remixes. Don’t go away and stay with us to watch the magic of mp3 best top DJ remixes 2015 for the year, 2015.

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