Ben Stiller New And Upcoming Movies List 2015

by admin on February 1, 2016

Look Ben stiller movies list with upcoming new movies 2015, Who don’t know Ben Stiller! From kids to adults everybody likes performance so much. Ben was born on 30th November, 1965. This multi-talented person has given his best as a comedian, voice actor, actor, producer, director and screen writer. His interest on action developed due to his parents Anne Meara and Jerry Stiller, who were great veteran comedians. After his television show ‘The Ben Stiller’ he was given an opportunity to direct the film Reality bites. This film had brought a great change in his career. Later, with his success in Hollywood he had done several films and almost produced 50films. Some of the films which he produced are Flirting with disaster, Zoolander; meet the parents, tropic thunder, Dodge ball, Madagascar Franchise and Green Berg. In addition to this, he had some cameos in television shows, films and music videos. The gross collections of his films include $2.1billlion, where the huge collections were from Canada and America. He had received various honors and awards like teen choice award, MTV award and Emmy award.

Ben Stiller New Movies List upcoming new 2015

Super Hit Movies List by Ben stiller

Super hit movies of Ben stiller for you-

Ben stiller upcoming movies list 2015

The secret life of Walter Mitty: Ben has directed this film in an extra-ordinary way. Apart from direction, his performance was a great assert to his films. The other starring of this film includes Patton Oswalt, and Shirley Maclaine. This film is a combination of best comedy, fantasy and drama. Ben is scheduling to release this film in the month of Jan, 2015. Though, there is a long way to go, this movie will definitely reach his fans expectations.

Hardy men: This movie is about two guys who have grown up into detectives. These two roles were played by Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise in this film. Both of them are the top stars of the world. We can just imagine how their combination would be on screen! This is truly an interesting, novel type story which is going to boost up everyone. You’ll definitely enjoy every frame of this film, and no doubt in it this movie will definitely create box office record.

Zoolander2: Justin Theroux has directed this film with 2 popular stars Ben stiller and Stuart Cornfeld. Justin had also done the screen play for this film. Ben is playing the role of Derek in this film, and you’ll definitely get inspired with his role in this film. This movie mainly focuses on the fashion industry. This comedy film is soon going to strike the box office!

Rentaghost: Tom McGrath had directed this film in an amazing way. Robert and Thomas Lenen were the screen writers of this film. This is the film which is all about a deceased guy and his determination. Comedy is the main attraction of this film. This movie is going to strike the box office in the midst of 2015.

Ben stiller and movie list with upcoming movies 2015:-Complete list of Ben stiller movies which are expected in this year-

• The secret life of Walter Mitty
• Zoolander2: Justin
• Rentaghost
• Hardy men
• He’s Way More Famous Than You

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