Top 20 R&B Songs List 2014

by New Songs 2015 Free Download List on July 22, 2014

Best R&B songs List of 2014

R&B music otherwise known as Rhythm and Blues best r&B songs for 2014 has been around for decades, and actually started being an extension of blues and jazz music. But as time moved on it has evolved into Rhythm and Blues or R&B. R & B music has gone through many transformations as time has gone on, this type of popular songs was mostly for African American artists the same that Rap music was, but as the years moved on caucasian artists were also releasing latest R&B songs for the masses. Expectations are lot from the greatest R&B top songs playlist 2015.

most popular 2015 top rnb songs list 2014

R&B is a mixture of a lot of other styles of music, like rock and roll along with Motown, funk, disco and rap to name but a few. Good R&B artists are hard to find, but once they are found they certainly know their craft. Just like in the rap scene, many females have also influenced the R & B scene.

Latest List of top R&B songs

In the 1990′s R&B albums artists continued to influence the charts, with such groups like Boyz to Men, Mariah Carey, Brandy and Destiny’s child. R&B artists of all ages were now breaking into the charts. RandB was becoming popular for all age groups, female and male artists were collaborating together like Nelly and Kelly, as the 1990′s progressed R&B artists emerged such as Faith Evans, Aaliyah, R Kelly, Mary J. Blige, and Lauryn Hill who was also an actress in the movie Sister Act 2 alongside Whoopi Goldberg who was in the leading role. Below is the list of top R&B songs 2015 :

01-Jr. Hi ft. The Weeknd – Secrets
02-G. Montana ft. August Alsina – Making Love (Remix)
03-Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly – Do What U Want
04-Rihanna – What Now
05-Jhené Aiko ft. Childish Gambino – Bed Peace
06-August Alsina ft. Chris Brown & Trey Songz – I Luv This Sh*t (Remix)
07-Tyga ft. Justin Bieber – Wait a Minute
08-The Weeknd – Devil May Cry
09-J. Holiday – After We F**k
10-Ne-Yo ft. Future – Luxurious
11-Lorde – Team (Five Knives Remix)
12-Sabi – Love Sounds
13-Drake ft. Majid Jordan – Hold on We’re Going Home
14-Justin Bieber x R. Kelly – PYD
15-Akon – So Blue
16-Kirko Bangz ft. August Alsina – Rain Down (Remix)
17-Kristal – Silhouette
18-John Legend – All of Me
19-Eryn Allen Kane – Hollow
20-Lily Allen – Hard out Here
21-Mélat – Daphne
22-Jarell Perry – Braindead
23-Mariah Carey – The Art of Letting Go

One of the greatest influences with R&B music continues to be its ability to change with the times, from jazz and blues evolving into R&B music 2015 which we still all enjoy today. The list will be updated with the top R&B songs list 2014, so stay tuned

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